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federal communications commission

Current Sheridan Amateur Radio License:
      Scott Hackler - KD9NUH (Technician)
      Dorthy Ostrander - KD9RKT (Technician)
 David Reagan - N9MNZ (


Radioddity GA-2S Channels

Have your radios programmed by HCEM to the following channels. If you use channels 4-13 with CERT, please use your team's tactical call sign. Sheridan's Team Tactical Call Signs are simply: SHERIDAN 1, SHERIDAN 2, SHERIDAN 3, etc.

Channel 1 HCEM PS-R 460.600

Channel 2 GMRS R1 467.575

Channel 3 GMRS R2 467.700

Channel 4 FRS1 462.563

Channel 5 FRS2 462.588

Channel 6 FRS3 Carmel 462.613

Channel 7 FRS4 Noblesville 462.638

Channel 8 FRS5 Sheridan 462.663

Channel 9 FRS6 Westfield 462.688

Channel 10 FRS7 Fishers 462.713

Channel 11 Britton Falls 462.675

Channel 12 GMRS R3 (12) 462.625

Channel 13 GMRS R4 (13) 462.650

Channel 14

Channel 15

Channel 16 N9EOC2 443.550


Millions of amateur operators in all areas of the world communicate with each other directly or through ad hoc relay systems and amateur-satellites. They exchange messages by voice, teleprinting, telegraphy, facsimile, and television. In areas where the FCC regulates the services, an amateur operator must have an FCC or Canadian license.

Most new amateur radio operators start at the Technician Class and then may advance to the General Class or Amateur Extra Class. The VEs give examination credit for the license class currently held so that examinations required for that license class need not be repeated. The VEs prepare the written examinations from question pools that have been made public. Helpful study guides and training courses are widely available.


The privileges of a Technician Class operator license include operating an amateur station that may transmit on channels in any of 17 frequency bands above 50 MHz with up to 1,500 watts of power. To pass the Technician Class examination, at least 26 questions from a 35 question written examination must be answered correctly. Technician Class licensees also have privileges in four amateur service bands in the HF range (3-30 MHz) (Refer to Section 97.301(e)).


The General Class operator license authorizes privileges in all 29 amateur service bands. Upon accreditation by a Volunteer-Examiner Coordinator (VEC), an individual can help administer certain examinations. In addition to the above written examination, the requirement for a General Class operator license includes a 35 question written examination for which 26 correctly answered questions is the minimum passing score.

Amateur Extra

The privileges of an Amateur Extra Class operator license include additional spectrum in the HF bands. In addition to the two above written examinations, the requirement for an Amateur Extra Class operator license includes answering correctly at least 37 questions on a 50 question written examination.

Your operating authority begins when your license grant information appears in the Amateur Radio Service licensing information, available by searching the Universal Licensing System (ULS). These searches allow the viewing of pending applications and granted license information. There is no requirement that you have a license grant document showing the information in ULS in your possession before you begin operating.

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